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Marriage Age decision – Khaps assaulted by Media Lynch Mobs

In a recent meeting of khap panchayat in haryana, a declaration was passed that marriage age should be lowered to 16 to prevent straying of young girls and boys.  This was later endorsed by the haryana chief minister endorsed it, … Continue reading

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Khap democracy and Vote Democracy – a comparison

In continuation with my previous post, my random thoughts on the concept of democracy.  Particularly on the comparative analysis of both, where i feel, the traditional system of panchayat is far more people oriented than the vote based modern one. … Continue reading

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Khap panchayat demands – time to recognize native systems

The recent controversy over khap panchayats demand for banning same gotra marriage, has created a controversary, and an adverse reactions from all liberal sections, left, centre and the right.   Instead of listening to them, why does the government and the … Continue reading

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