Remote Controlling EVM – Manufacturing Election Result

A realistic Perspective of the Mass EVM Fraud:

In my earlier posts, i just gave a wild prediction of how EVMs could be hacked.  And as the discussion goes on further, we get a realistic picture of how this fraud could have happened.

Let me put up my views on such possibilities again.

Insertion of Trojan:

Many people claim that this possibility is low, as the number of persons involved in this process would be high, and that there are possibilities that it might be leaked out.  While their point is valid,  we can also consider the sivaganga constituency, where the result is changed at the last minute, but the news has been completely blocked. So, even if there is more number of people involved, the news might be prevented from leaking out.

The important stage of this Software hacking process is to insert a trojan code in to the Control Unit software, right at the manufacturing stage.  The EC claims that, since the same EVM is used in more than one election, and that the candidate serial number is not known at the time of manufacturing, this trojan software could not be effectively used.

However, this is not a FOOL PROOF method.  What the trojan software needs to know is the exact button assigned to the beneficiary party.   This button may vary from constituency to constituency.  So there may be series of key combinations, to make the software know the button assigned for the particular beneficiary party.  For example, if the congress is assigned the 3rd button in a particular constituency, that button is held for a particular time period (say some 30 seconds to 1 minute), in combination with other buttons. By this, the software will come to know of the button assigned to the beneficiary party, and use this for diverting the votes from other parties.

The EC also claims, that the each chip has a unique code assigned, and that replacing with any other chip will make the EVM crash.  This is again a vague reasoning, because, it will not be difficult, to manufacture the same chip with same unique number when a determined fraud is happening.

One more claim by the EC is that most of the EVM’s are manufactured long time back.  But that doesnt explain the possibility of replacing the chip with another identical one, just before this election.

Embedding of Minute Wireless Transmitter/ Receiver in EVM Chip:

Most of the technical persons might be aware of the rapid advancement of Nano Technology, where the size of the electronic componenet is highly miniaturised.   Today is the era of embedding everything in to single chip.  And i strongly raise the this question; Why dont the Controlling Unit of the EVM’s be embedded with a wireless transmitter/receiver, for remote access?

The embedding of wireless Transmitter/Receiver inside the control Unit of the EVM machine is highly possible, and can be done without being detected.  I believe, this form of manipulating EVMs through remote control is indeed the most sophisticated, easier, and advanced way to manipulate the results accurately.

For those, who are rejecting this very idea, please refer the following article in BBC.

The above news is about a HP chip, that stores 100’s of pages, and transmitts them via wireless, using bluetooth or other Radio Frequency.

And can you believe the size of that chip?

hp wireless

So, its entirely possible to embed such a wireless transmitter/receiver inside the control circuit of the EVM’s, and they can be controlled from any part of the world.

Before, i move on, please read the following articles too.

A full fledged bluetooth wireless featured embedded in a single chip.  (antennas, transmitter, receiver, all within chip).

Another HP article, that describes about the minute wireless chip that they had designed.

An article in 2002, reporting about a wireless feature embedded within a chip.

A quote at the end of the above article, would give a brief idea on use of embedded wireless devices.

“In other potential applications, the military has expressed interest in pairing wireless chips with tiny sensors such as microphones. The idea is to drop thousands or even hundreds of thousands of these devices in a region to eavesdrop over a wide area. The chips would form a listening network by themselves, and the military monitor the system as needed.”

when a tiny wireless chip is dropped in hundreds to eavesdrop, it means, the chip is capable of transmitting data back to the control station.  This point is very important and has to be noted to understand the issue further.

Nano Technology in US Military:

How the EVMs Could have been manipulated through remote control:

To discuss this possible scenario, We need to assume that the wireless transmitter/emitter had been embedded in right at the manufacturing of the Chip itself.  (Note:  THe chip manufacturing happens at a different place, well before EVM production)

There is a unique ID assigned to each EVM, and each of the EVM could be contacted separately, using this unique ID.

Can such a wireless component be detected or traced?

  • The wireless componenet in a chip, cannot be detected, unless, it transmits or emits signals.  The Chip might have been programmed to transmit data only upon receiving certain command through specific frequency.    In this case, the receiver component might be in listen mode, waiting for a particular command, known only to a core expert group.  So, in a normal circumstance, this wireless component will be in hidden mode.

Can the architecture of the CHIP be verified?

  • To my knowledge, a chip’s internal circuitry cannot be verified after it is manufactured.  In our case, the expert committee had verified only the approved architecture for use in production.  However, it doesnt gaurantee, that all the Chips manufactured there are as per the original design.
  • The current architecture might have been obtained by the hackers, and additional wireless component introduced, and this new modified architecture might be produced at some different place and then used during the assembly of EVMs.
  • The size, apperance, and even the Unique ID of the Chip would be emulated as it is, and thus it is extremely difficult to verify, if the current Chip components used is indeed the original one.

The EVMs are all despatched to the respective constituencies, and the high level “Rigging / hacking team”, will ensure that the EVM’s with wireless component is delievered to the appropriate constituency.

Now, the election would be conducted regularly, and the EVMs are stored in a highly secured location in each constituency.

Now, the core hacking team comes in to picture.  We know that there are two days b/w last phase of voting and counting.  In that time interval, the following is possible.

  • Using specially designed device, the core hacking team, can connect to each of the EVM’s through satellite connection, and obtain the voting data in to its computer.  This is possible, since each EVM has a unique ID, and using that ID, they can connect to each and every EVM accurately.
  • All the data would be downloaded to a computer, according to EVM’s.
  • Now, in the selected constituencies, the votes are adjusted in each EVM’s used there, to increase the tally of the ruling party.  Suppose, if there are 1500 boths in a constituency, and each booth having 1000 voters, with an average voting of 750 votes.  If we could adjust, atleast 50 votes in each booth, it comes around 45,000 votes in all the 1500 booths.  And this 50 votes need not be taken from any single party.   For example, in a particular constituency, 20 votes from ADMK, 10 votes from DMDK, 5 votes from 4 other small parties/candidates, will total 50 votes.  And these small adjustments are extremely difficult to detect and prove.
  • After the adjustments, these data could be uploaded to the corresponding EVMs automatically through an appropriate devices.
  • To give a familiar view of this process, its possible, to download all the data in an excel sheet along with EVM ID, adjust the values, and then upload these data back to the EVM, from this excel sheet itself.  This is very much possible.  Through automation,  any number of EVMs could be manipulated in a short time.

we have seen how the remote controlling of EVM’s can be done by a small group of 5 to 10 expert group.  I cannot prove that this is what could have happened, but i am pointing out, that this is largely possible, with current technological advancement, no matter, what amount of safegaurds we have.

Imagine, if atleast 25% of the EVMs are embedded with such wireless component, the result can be manipulated in atleast 25% of the constituencies.   That comes around 136 constituencies of india, where the results can be adjusted remotely from anywhere in the world.  THis is not a small number to ignore.

What the political Parties (Mainly the opposition parties) can do now?

First of all, it would be difficult to prove that a rigging has been happened, because of the secrecy of the votes.  The political parties can analyse the voting patter in the booth where they are strong, and then take a mock survey.

The next thing is that the opposition parties can fight to ban use of EVMs in the coming elections, and return to paper ballot mechanism.  This is very important, and can be argued strongly, citing the numerous possibility of hacking electronic devices.  Also, the possibility of Rigging elections on a mass scale, like use of automated software, wireless technology etc, undermines the very purpose of election.  In Paper Ballot, although some amount of rigging take place, it cannot be done at a mass scale secretly.

And if the parties fail to do that, then Indian elections would always be a “Match Fixing”.  The parties will continue to spend large amount of money and effort in fighting elections, and atlast lose the elections, without being aware that a core group would sit inside an A/C room (either in Delhi or in Newyork), and manipulate the results to make a particular party to win.

For those who dont accept, or reject this as non-sense, i can confidently bet, that in the current world of electronics, Nothing is impossible.

Imagine, if the US could detect the location of Osama Bin Laden, through his cell phone signals, its not Impossible to remote control the EVM’s through satellite.

PS: The US and Britain had a direct stake in the current indian election, mainly because of the nuclear deal they had done.  They can get the full co-operation (or perhaps, the servitude, slavery and subjugation) only from the congress party, and that they had the larger interest in making congress win.  So, we cannot neglect the role of the US, in architecting such a large hi-fi election rigging, using a small core group of hackers.

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31 Responses to Remote Controlling EVM – Manufacturing Election Result

  1. B R Haran says:

    Well-written piece.

    In the last one week, I have come across hell of a lot of articles on EVMs and I am terribly confused.

    A case is pending in Supreme Court and I believe a few more affected persons are likely to approach the apex court against the use of EVMs.

    I would be happy if the SC rules against the use of EVMs. I would prefer to cast my vote myself, rather than by a machine. (:-))

  2. Suryanarayanan says:

    A very good article.In fact if all of us can remember well, Mr.Subramanya Swami has raised this issue even before 2009 Elections and he even alleged that Sonia & Co has brought some experts from USA to put them on this job.I am surprised and even shocked at the complacency of BJP to have alloowed the EVMs in India especially when USA itself has rejected this tool.

    If once you are cheated it is a shame on the cheater
    But twice you are cheated then it is shame on You,BJP

  3. Venkat says:


    I can understand this. But I also suspect that the E Prom which was programmed must have been set manually and which could not be detected. As Rajiv Srinivasan pointed out, this program can also be set to erase itself after the job is over and you can not trace the whole thing.

    I believe that a massive rigging has taken place and the ruling combine has invented an easy way to win. But the most surprising thing has been the silence of the BJP in this issue. leaders are there , but no leadership is present.


  4. Bhavananda says:

    Agree with Venkat and Suryanarayanan.
    Unless some senior BJP leader comes forward with a statement on this, all this, no matter how credible, is still speculation. Unfortunately, the BJP is shell shocked to do anything now and I hope they have at least assigned someone to look into this.


    Large Scale Reshuffle of Officials Before Elections

    Large Scale Reshuffle of Officials Before Elections
    Immediately before the election, the ECO decided to reshuffle the senior government officials controlling election process in each state and union territories. S K Rudola, Secretary, ECI convened a meeting of all the Chief Secretaries and Director Generals of Police in each state and union territories to review election preparedness and security arrangements for the polls.
    “The Commission directed that no efforts should be spared to conduct free and fair elections. The Commission directed the States and Union Territories to ensure that all officials who have been posted at one place for more than 3 years in the last 4 years, or those who are posted in their home districts, should be immediately transferred out, and compliance report sent by 28th February, 2009,” said a press statement issued by the Secretary on February 5, 2009. (Navin Chawla, Chief Election Commissioner –right N Gopalaswami -shunted out of ECI in the middle of electioneering)
    The Commission also directed that all critical posts from the point of view of conduct of elections be filled up on priority basis by 20th February, 2009. Was it only to ensure “free and fair elections” that massive transfers and reshuffles exercise just before the election? Along with a change at the top level in ECI, there was a total reshuffle of the election machinery in the months before the polls. In addition, part of the crucial election related IT work was outsourced and temporary computer programmers were selected to write. To strengthen its IT set up, the commission has appointed several temporary computer programmers “to write code for .NET framework and Oracle/SQL server for software designed for ECI. The use of digital signature certificates for government officials.
    The counting of electronic voting was conducted in such a manner to hide booth wise voting pattern, ostensibly to prevent post-election “intimidation and victimization” of voters. What is the big danger if the booth wise voting pattern is known? First election in India using EVMs throughout the country had extensive security measures in place for EVMs -leaving the key with government officials. “”Keys of the EVM strong room should be in safe custody with the RO/DEO. The candidates should be allowed to put their own seal on the strong room”. “A control room is opened in the premises from where watch may be kept on the strong room security”. (An Indian woman voter using EVM)
    EVM Memory can last for 10 years! ECI can rase before 6 Months
    A notification regarding security measures for EVMs said if there is no dispute about election results, a machine may be kept in the officer’s custody for six months after which it may be reused for new elections. In case, the election commission decides so the machines can be used again, before six months. Even the video tapes of election -booths and monitoring surrounding the control room -can be disposed off after six months. In other words, if there is a dispute about election results after six months, there is no digital record to investigate or trace for malpractices. The memory unit can retain the voting memory for 10 years, but if the machine is reused after six months, the advantage of the EVM is of no use. The digital votes polled in the EVM are erased for reusing the machine.
    ECI claims that the voter can be confident that his vote is polled rightly. “As soon as the voter presses the `blue button’ against the candidate and symbol of his choice, a tiny lamp on the left side of the symbol glows red and simultaneously a long beep sound is heard. Thus, there is both audio and visual indications for the voter to be assured that his vote has been recorded.” It also claims that the machine cannot be programmed in such a way that the first 100 votes are polled right, and the next fixed number of polling can be flawed in favour of one candidate or political party. “The microchip used in EVMs is sealed at the time of import. It cannot be opened and any rewriting of program can be done by anyone without damaging the chip. There is, therefore, absolutely no chance of programming the EVMs in a particular way to select any particular candidate or political party.” In conventional polling, before the beginning of the poll, the electoral officer can show empty ballot box to ensure that there is no “hidden” votes in the ballot. In the case of EVMs there is no guarantee that the machine is empty at the beginning of the election. The mock polls to verify the EVM performance can be misleading too.
    Does the ballot unit keep a digital memory of the voting pattern and influence the result generated by the control unit?
    Are you sure this candidate has won the elections?

    Dangers of Electronic Voting
    did your vote really count in the last election—you never know!
    It is a fact that the election results announced on May 16 surprised the entire nation and proved all exit pollsters wrong. It is difficult to assume that all the post election exit polls can be proved equally wrong. While the exit polls predicted a hung parliament, the election result gave a clear majority to the ruling party. Is there a possibility that the exit polls represented the actual voting pattern and political mood in the country and that the election results announced on by counting the electronic votes recorded by the EVMs was due to a silent coup using the machines manufactured and handled by the countries largest defence electronic firms –Bharat Electronics Ltd and (Bel) the Electronic Corporation of India LTD (ECIL), Both the defence units are part of Indian military industrial complex, which do not have much reputation for transparency.
    The recent Indian Parliament election is noted for the crucial role of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) in the fast and efficient conduct of the voting process. The largest democracy in the world used 1.5 million EVMS manufactured by two defence electronic units and monitored by the Election Commission of India. The reputation of indigenous EVMs are upheld by the government officials and the mainstream media alike, and an ongoing debate in the Western countries, bastions of parliamentary democracy, about the use and misuse of electronic voting don’t find much space in the Indian visual or print media.
    It is a fact that the election results announced on May 16 surprised the entire nation and proved all exit pollsters wrong. It is difficult to assume that all the post election exit polls can be proved equally wrong. While the exit polls predicted a hung parliament, the election result gave a clear majority to the ruling party. Is there a possibility that the exit polls represented the actual voting pattern and political mood in the country and that the election results announced by counting the electronic votes recorded by the EVMs was due to a silent coup using the machines manufactured and handled by the countries largest defence electronic firms –Bharat Electronics Ltd and (Bel) the Electronic Corporation of India LTD (ECIL), Both the defence units are part of Indian military industrial complex, which do not have much reputation for transparency. While the power tussle between the incoming and outgoing election commissioners, pro-BJP Gopalaswami and pro Congress Navin Chawla, was widely reported in the national media, a silent leadership change in both the defence electronic units largely remained outside the focus of mainstream Indian media. (box) –(Features of Electronic Voting Machines–Source India Election Commission)

  6. 2004 Election : American Right Wing Conspiracy

    In the USA, there has been a strong movement against fraudulent use of electronic voting mechanism by corporate interests and political groups. The huge difference between all the major exit polls and the actual election result is a reason to worry about the fraudulent misuse of electronic voting mechanism. Republicans were desperate to win as the war on terror and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were at crucial stage. Similar to the difference between exit polls and poll results in India, there was huge difference between the exit poll results and actual election results in the 2004 reelection of former US president George Bush. This difference led to several independent investigations. Whistle blowers and watchdog groups have inturn unearthed a major right wing conspiracy that titled the American public opinion using the electronic voting machine software. Indian EVM are claimed to be much less complex and less prone to manipulation or rigging, but experts don’t rule out the possibility of fraud. Indigenous machines are not networked, but are not immune from manipulation.

    Private companies like Diebold, whose owners are close to the Bush Government are now being questioned for their lack of integrity and fraudulent use of the digital voting system that allegedly rigged major US elections under the former US President. There is no such disputes about the integrity of the government controlled defence electronic units that manufactured the indigenous EVMs. The nation was taken aback by the open allegation made by the former Chief Election Commissioner Gopalaswami against his colleague and the current election commissioner, Navin Chawla being a stooge of the ruling party.

    US Activists investigating the 2004 Presidential election have identified hundreds of preceincts in Florida, Ohio and other states where the voting results did not match the exit polls. These inconsistencies occurred primarily in precincts where electronic voting machines with no paper trail were used. In Florida, these discrepancies contributed for George Bush’s statewide “victory” margin. Many of them were in precincts with a strong Democratic majority. In the USA many media commentators have explained the gap between the exit polls and the final vote counts by claiming that the exit polls were flawed. However, in those precincts where there was a machine that produced a “paper trail,” the exit polls almost exactly matched the actual vote and there were few discrepancies giving George Bush extra votes. When a voter casts his or her ballot for someone other than the candidate they intended to vote for, this is called a “misvote.” Misvotes in Ohio,Florida, and New Mexico appear to have given George Bush his winning percentage. (Misvotes favoring George Bush reached as high as 40% on some vote machines in some Florida, Ohio and New Mexico precincts. There were also high misvote totals in other states. Is it just an accidental coincidence that one of the senior officials holding top positions in the EVM manufacturing defence units was posted in the New York Office of the Indian company and maintained close contacts with their US counterparts under the former US president. In fact the electoral victory of Barack Obama in the latest US election could not happen, if the American people were not vigilant about the electronic vote fraud perpetuated by right wing politicians with the help of government officials and the corporate sector. For details (

  7. Indian says:

    In Madhya Pradesh, most of the EVMs were replaced with new ones, and the newspapers did say that the new EVMs had about half the capacity of the older ones.

    My personal experience of voting was like this – Went to the polling booth, presented my voter card, was told to get a slip, went and found a stall which was quite a distance from the polling booth, got a slip made, went back to the polling booth, presented my voter card, was referred to the next table and got my forefinger stained, went to the EVM, pushed the button. The machine beeped, but no light showed up so I walked out because other people were standing behind me. Later on I came to know that the light comes up 30 seconds after one has pushed the button.

    I am sure the EVMs were doctored.

  8. Duncan says:

    Thank you very much for this fascinating post.

    As added pieces to the puzzle, you might like to know that on May 6th, while looking for routine, publicly available, candidate data during the election, a detailed Excel file of votes polled results for every candidate in India was found on the official website of the Election Commission of India (

    That was 9 days before the final votes were cast on May 15. And, even so, the Election Commission was not supposed to have access to votes cast data until May 16, when official counting was to be done.

    On May 7 and 11, the Excel file was downloaded again from the Election Commission site. The numbers of votes cast for some candidates changed in each version of the file. In the version of the file downloaded, on May 15th, the votes cast results column was blank.

    The downloaded files can be found here (the votes cast numbers are in Column N “votespolled”):

    (And, in case that site is taken down, it would be appreciated if others stored/posted the files elsewhere.)

    When news of the files started to spread, the Election Commission closed its site from May 23 to 25. It was back up on the 25th but, until the 29th, you couldn’t download the file anymore.

    You can now, but the votes cast data for each candidate is gone (you can just see who won) even though now, two weeks after the election, is when that data should be available.

    Any ideas on how this might affect some of the theories above?

  9. aj says:

    US and Irael conspired along with Congress I (UPA)!!!!!

    Let us look at it from a level above the AP politics and also assume that
    > someone or some nation other than India has an interest in UPA becoming the
    > ruling coalition.
    > 1. All the major leaders and parties that were anti UPA or PRO NDA, third
    > and fourth front were defeated strategically. Ex: Lalu Prasad, Nitish Kumar,
    > Mayawati, Jayalalitha, communist parties and it was ensured that UPA got the
    > required majority (Just enough not a sweep) to form a government at the
    > 2. West Bengal – It was first time in 30 years that Communists were defeated
    > Bengal and that too in a one sided way. Congress and Trinamool Congress have
    > done enough to cause this change..
    > 3. UP – Congress was dead and buried since last 20 years in this state. It was
    > only BSP, SP and BJP that were strong in this state. It is very surprising
    > Congress gained the ground that they lost decades ago in UP. Timing of this
    > should be noted.
    > 4. Kerala – Communists have lost in Kerala and that too Congress has gained
    > instead of other parties. Very surprising again!
    > 5. Tamilnadu – People of Tamilnadu were anti DMK as they have not stopped UPA
    > from supporting Srilankan govt’s fight against LTTE. It was expected of AIADMK
    > to sweep this elections and surprisingly DMK has won convincingly. Surprising
    > again and great timing!
    > 6. Gujarat – Congress has gained sufficiently in these elections in state that
    > is supposed to be pro NDA and pro Modi.
    > The current psudo Gandhis defenitely do not have the charm nor the UPA
    > government has done enough (including preventing Terror strikes and also their
    > reaction after the attacks) to cause such a revolution to benefit Congress in
    > many states.
    > 7. Jayalalitha and Mayawati have issued a statement after elections that EVMs
    > were tampered to defeat AIADMK.
    > 8. Andhra Pradesh: Lagadapati (Congress I minister in AP)has issued the stats 6 hours before the final
    > results were announced and almost all of his predictions (If they were
    > preditcions at all!) came true. some of the things that he said were:
    > a. PRP will not win any MP seats. — PRP did not win any!
    > b. Chiru will lose in Paala Kollu. — He did lose where he should have won
    > down.
    > c. He named some important Congress ministers and said they would lose and
    > did lose.
    > d. He estimated 152 seats for congress and they won 157 — very close figures
    > and none of the national surveys came close to this figure.
    > I am not sure how he got the surveys done that gave him 99% accuracy.
    > Now lets look at whose interests lie in UPA being the ruling coalition
    > government at the center.
    > It is the interest of a country in the west for the UPA government to continue
    > to be at the center as it is easy to convince them to not fight pakistan in
    > of any attacks that are similar to Mumbai attacks that might happen in the
    > future.
    > Below are the reasons for this theory:
    > 1. A consulate general met Chiru and other leaders before the results were
    > declared. Chiru has never been in power and he is thus very insignificant for
    > consulate general to meet. This shows the significance of our political
    > situation to this country in the west.
    > 2. Pakistan has moved (Last month) its troops from the Indian border to its
    > western region to fight insurgents in SWAT after UPA government has convinced
    > them that India would not take advantage of this situation. It is thus very
    > important that UPA government comes back to power to protect the interests of
    > this western country.
    > We might not win next time also if they conduct elections using the EVMs like
    > they did this time.
    > Please read thro this blog that talks about EVMs scam in Italy in year 2006.
    > http://www.jasonkit f/JDOM/blog/ /1//?be_id= 320
    > Interestingly other countries like Canada ( Quebec ) and Netherlands have
    > using EVMs.
    > Hopefully all partys that lost this time will be aware of this and soon we
    > hopefully will see some news about it in next few weeks and yes we will win
    > time only if EVMs are not used and we go back to paper voting methods of old.

  10. Duncan says:

    Thank you for your fascinating post. To add pieces to the puzzle, you might want to look at

    On May 6, Dr Anupam Saraph (CIO of Pune, India) and Professor Madhav Nalapat (Director of the Department of Geopolitics, Manipal University) accidentally discovered a detailed Excel file of votes cast results for every candidate in India on the official website of the Election Commission of India ( That was 9 days before the final votes were even cast on May 15. Also, the Election Commission was not supposed to have access to votes cast data until May 16 when official counting was to be done.

    The Excel file was downloaded again from the Election Commission site on May 7 and 11. The numbers of votes cast for some candidates changed in each version of the file. In version of the file downloaded on the last day before the official counting, May 15th, the votes cast results column was blank.

    When news of the files started to spread, the Election Commission crashed its site from May 23 to 25. It was back up on the 25th, but until the 29th, you couldn’t download the file anymore. You can now, but the votes cast data for each candidate is gone (you can just see who won) even though by now, two weeks after the election, is when that data should be available.

    Any idea what this means in the context of some of the potential hacks above? Does it reinforce one theory over another?

  11. Duncan says:

    BTW, there is a lot of interesting information out there on this election but it is scattered. Any ideas on how we could make it easily accessible, raise awareness and so have a better chance at answering some of the questions? A facebook page or tweets on new info? Expanding this blog so it can link to relevant articles/sites? Other ideas?

    Thanks again.

  12. Duncan says:

    In case of interest, I have tried to insert the paragraph below into the wikipedia site on the election,_2009
    but a bot rejects the wikia links to the information on the Excel files. Anyone else want to have a try? D.

    Due to the surprising results, so much at odds with the polling done by all parties, questions are starting to be asked about the integrity of the electronic voting machines used during the election. [] [] This is especially the case given that what seems to be the final results for all candidates for all parties was found on the Election Commission of India’s server days before final voting had even begun. []. These numbers disappeared the day before the final count. As of yet the official vote count for candidates has yet to be released, making it impossible to compare the numbers found before the election with the actual tallies. []


    use of EVM for the recently concluded general election has raised the doubts about the fact whether the mandate of the indians had been trully reflected by the EVM s or whether they were used for the benefit of ruling said by everybody each and every individual whom i met were raising the doubt about the victory of the ruling alliance in Tamil nadu nad most of them said that they voted against them.
    we are unable to find remedy to these types of technically executed intelligent rigging with the blessings of the vested interests.
    if the situation arises like this the courts can instead of remaining a mute spectator order for the cancellation of usage of EVM s and if possible they can order for re election.i do not how it will be possible.only legally well versed people can answer

  14. ravi says:

    this is good article .. and it has got good amount of truth in it i want to give an ex of Ap where one particular constancy named PRathipadu there are 2 villages in fact it dossent have agents for BJP but that party got majority with big surprise even people of that village got mad.

  15. amit chakraborty says:

    One thing comes to my mind that BJP is any how managed their state or the rulling congress want them to be there so that people cannot ask them. The state where BJP is week, there they manage to win. I think we should take this evm ISSUE seriously and recount or study throughly the EVM machine specially where congress win and BJP and other lost drastically. They knew if they win BJP state they will be questioned and they will be caught, basically they didnot touch BJP they have manupulated other states where BJP is not very strong and they win there.

  16. upendra says:

    Very excellent research. Now more than half of India knows there was fraud but general public cannot do anything. It is upto BJP top brass and all other political parties to go to the courts in their respective states. I am sure top leadership of BJP is also in conspiracy. May be top leaders of some other political parties are also in conspiracy.

  17. mr_faltoo says:

    Some one had very rightly said that in our society we have many opinions but very few informations. Lakho moonioka lakhon mate. This article is full “could have beens” and “should have beens” “very difficult to prove” and other kinds utter illogics. I thought I would be more informed so that I can impress upon my co-workers and friends. But I think I wasted my morning time unnecessarily. Feel sorry for the gullible people who are swallowing the bait with line and the sinker.
    There seems to be is another blog , where very loudly it is claimed that the rival party started the game. But for the lokhsabha election the rival party was late sleeping and since they were already bloodied their hands therefore they are now milimouthing.
    In my opinion, this internet and computer has become a curse for the simple people like us at the hand of half baked sabjantawalas. Olden days of ‘ignorence is bliss’ were much better. please allow us to sleep with the thought that every thing is hunky-dory. And don’t worry be happy.

    • senthil says:

      mr faltoo,

      When there are too few information to explain an impossible happening, we can only do the guessing of possibilities. When there is a conspiracy, its not done in public to have all information available..

      Please apply this logic, and you will not feel your time wasted :)

  18. Sreedhar says:

    Lagadapati rajagopal, high profile MP from Vijayawada (AP)representing congress came out with Figures just before election results were declared, which were in match with Election results

    he predicted 30 MP seats, that was exactly the same in result

    congress managed election fraud surely in Andhra pradesh, because i havent heard from anyone of my friends, families who voted for congress. this pattern in across andhra pradesh

    I am sure the ruling party managed the fraud in AP, Uttar Pradesh, west bengal (CPI, CPM etc all come under congress table)

    it seems that BJP top leadership (rajanth, Advani)

    I pray that i wudnt see EVM for next elections

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  20. nilesh says:

    Behind this, it is clearly CIA once you start solving this puzzle you will get every card fit on its place. I don’t think Dr S. Swami cracked this puzzle .
    I give you some hints

    1) Atalji’s government was first successful democratic revolution in India . There was no blood no violence and we simply put the different people in office . Now I say there was not 100% honesty there but top rank people were nationalist.
    2) Yet America was blind about it and CIA took no seriousness of this change.
    3) Nationalism of Atalji made him to do POKHRAN and on the same day BJP conforms its end. It was nationalism but it was suicide of nationalists. How can CIA let live after such terrible thing.
    4) You need to be China or Korea to protect yourself from CIA after doing this . the full metal jacket is needed . India is quite easy for penetration . Even BJP is penetrable CIA can split BJP in thousand pieces.
    5) What more CIA can make sure that there loyal Congress should always come in power they can remove obstacle of ballet paper by putting easy programmable Electronic voting machines .
    6) They can bribe some supreme court justice to give the judgement that Electronic Voting Machines are pride of India .
    7) Easily impressible Indian media Is so CIA favorite. It don’t even take to bribe them a bottle of chip vodka to tune them . And we are seeing every single media is singing song of how EVM s are pride of India.

    • senthil says:

      CIA is known for its clandestine operations, which by default requires all form of stealth..

      Also subramanya swamy has mentioned this and even specific names of the agents in his website..

      But who is going to bell the cat?

  21. Best you should edit the page name Remote Controlling EVM – Manufacturing Election Result | Senthilraja’s blog to more generic for your webpage you write. I loved the post withal.

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