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Hindu convert – a spiritual teacher at temple in Omaha

A nice article on how an american named Frank Morales got interested spirituality in 10 years, and found the answer in Hinduism.  Later, he became a teacher in one of the hindu temples, because of his deep understanding of Hinduism. … Continue reading

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Media Bias: Eraiyur Christian caste clash

The dalit christians at eraiyur, villupuram, Tamilnadu, was attacked by MBC christians, (Christian Vanniars), due to a problem in sharing of a church. More details on the following link. March-17,2008 – Dalit Christians attacked – reported by newindpress This problem … Continue reading

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Chidambaram – Facts you won’t get to see/read in our secular media

This is yet another update on Chidambaram Temple.  SV Badri from chennai had written this piece of article..  This is clear and elaborate on the real history of Chidambaram.. I am reproducing this, so as to spread this alternate views … Continue reading

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Book: Born in Sin: The Panchsheel Agreement

The Sacrifice of Tibet This book was written by “Claud Arpi”, a french citizen, who now lives in Auroville. He is an expert on Tibet and had written number of articles on tibetan issues. I came across this book review … Continue reading

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This is called Nationalism..

I was thrilled on reading this News in The Hindu online.. Sarabjit was to be hanged in pakistan for alleged spying. His family appealed to Indian and pakistani officials to stop the death trial, on humane basis. And there … Continue reading

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 This is a response to Deccan Chronicle’s issue on Indian Epics, depicted as Mythology.. I liked this response very much, because, it exposed intentional, deliberate misrepresentation of India’s greatest epic, so cleverfully, with unnoticeable words..    I realised, how even … Continue reading

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Media Bias: Tibetan issue & People’s daily of Chennai

This is yet another instance proving how low, a newspaper can go to pacify its foreign masters.. I am sure, most of the readers would have recognized the media, from the title of this post..  the daily once used to … Continue reading

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