India-Israel.. the secret will remain secret

I came across this article, in outlook. It was an interview with Mark Sofer, the new israeli ambassador to india.

Isreal has been a voluntary friend of India, and they have helped us during Kargil, with their technology and expertise.  The india-israel relation was  one of the highly secretive but with valuable.

There was an interesting history..  Pakistan pilots flew war planes of arab countries, and destroyed three of their fighters..  In retaliation, israel, helped india during 1971 war with their sophisticated guns, and during kargil war, by providing satellite maps and key intelligence inputs..

Israel has great reverence for india, since india was the only country where jews lived with respect without harrasment & discrimination.  Today, israel could be the most well wisher and reliable friend for india than any other country.

I think, this article is one of the pragmatic, and most professional interview by israeli ambassador.. Just want to share this in my blog..

I liked two answers from this article , and i am reproducing here..


Do you think India could help moderate Iran’s stand?

I can ask you back that a president who has called for the eradication of an entire country (Israel), a president who has denied the Holocaust, who has decided that the massacre of the Jews by the Nazis didn’t exist–is this a person who can go towards moderation? Has anyone tried to convince Bin Laden to be moderate? There are certain personalities who will never be moderate. And it is not a question of dialogue. (Grows agitated) What am I going to discuss with him? That Israel shouldn’t be destroyed or only a little bit destroyed? My own death? Please don’t call for my mass murder? Or that I would like if you kill only half of me? What are we talking here? I am sure serious Iranians feel in their hearts that calls for the massacre of Jews in Israel is despicable. Yet he continues to say it. What do you discuss with him — he knows or ought to know.


Israeli tourists have a negative image in the Indian media. Any comments?

There is always a chasm between image and reality. It is human nature to extrapolate from one or two cases and put the onus on the 40,000 Israeli who come here every year and who come here for the main part to understand the Indian way of life for which we have the greatest respect. It is an African saying that if you put one stone in a basket of 150 eggs, all the eggs will break but the stone will remain. You have one bad example, the 150 good examples will be tarred with the same brush. We receive so much inner tranquility from the depth and culture of India that the contribution to Israeli society is much more than people think. And it is all positive.


And i liked the above highlighted quote much.. its very true for indians too.. Not just 150.. we are putting few stones over thousands of eggs.. :)

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