Land Acquisition – questions from a farmer

This is a comment from one of the person hailing from farming community.  The questions are very valid  and i am posting it here for discussion.



Land acquisition act …BJP ‘s justification.. All BJP person bare defending it .. They don’t understand the real severity.. Just read this.. why do guys always target poor farmers?… Do it like UAE.. Make the farmer from whom u r taking the land to hold 51% of company share.. Will u? U are offering one job to one farmer.. What position will the company offer ?CEO? Those company will offer a job of a kooli.. A owner of the land is converted to kooli in his own land.. If the farmers has got 3 kids , you will give job for one guy Rest of the two kids need to go for begging?..,You are speaking abt market price who is defining it? Please dont say government prices which is atleast 50 times less than the market price.. Once again one if the fake promise from BJP.. Do BJP think there are no unfertile lands in India at all? They will target only fertile lands especially for coke and Pepsi.. See what happened in perundurai. Just to please foreign companies, adanis and ambanis you are going to take lands where still agri is being done..we expected BJP will pass a law that agricultural lands which are fertile should not be converted to real estate stuff but its a complete opposite action. If govt cannt protect farmers and agri its a shame that rulers are still in power..increasing loan amount will not change the quality of life of farmer..if govt really has got concern over farmers then reduce the fertiliser prices which sure it will not do…modernise the storage capacity all over India device a statergy where farmers also make money like corporate.. BJP website claims farmers will get better transport system to move their goods… This is the biggest fun of 2015 … They are going to take all the lands there will be no Agriculture then where is the point to move Agri materials .. Sense less comment.. They are speaking about farmers will get good education and need not travel to cities another point by AC room genius when there is no land all farmers will migrate to city for bread and butter is BJP saying Adanis son and amabanis son will have to move from city to factory in village? Is that they meant… BJP should understand people are not fools ….Govts have successfully changed the people mentality to buy water for 20 bugs but they wanted milk free of cost… We have realised all these things.. you can employ any number of people to protect Modi and BJP, but we all know .. They support Adanis and ambanis .. Take it another Singur is waiting all over India..which will see BJPs fall.. Please one of read and explain Thirukural especially abt leader and how he should run the govt to Modiji and rest of the people. We can debate anytjing here which is of no use law is passed..but sure reality will teach a hard lesson for rulers…

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Ajit Vadakayil turns against Narendra Modi

I have been following ajit vadakayil’s blog for long.  Read this latest article by him, thoroughly exposing Modi and the forces controlling him.


Internet Hindus should u/s the larger conspiracy at international level, and stop fighting the mirage of Hindu – Muslim fight.  Also pls come out of the Conversion Phobia and Christo-phobia.  They are NOT real enemies.  The real enemy is hidden behind.

REad this very lengthy post to understand the whole game.

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Jallikattu ban could lead to mass slaughter of bulls

My article in vijayvaani on negative consequences of banning jallikattu.


Jallikattu ban could lead to mass slaughter of bulls

With just days to go for the Pongal celebrations, there has been heavy uncertainty prevailing in Tamil Nadu on the fate of Jallikattu, Manjuvirattu and other temple festivals of the State. The people of Tamil Nadu, particularly the southern region, have been anxiously waiting for the Central Government to take steps to overcome the oppressive and unjust ban order issued by the Supreme Court of India. They had high hopes that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as a nationalist party would understand the sensitivities of our age-old culture, and facilitate Jallikattu for the oncoming Pongal.


The situation is very critical because both PETA and the Jallikattu supporters believe that this year is the lifeline for their respective camp. If Jallikattu happens, it will be a major victory for Jallikattu supporters and rural people of Tamil Nadu, and would ensure revival of Jallikattu in subsequent years; so far it has been suppressed heavily. If it does not happen, it will be a major victory for PETA and associated animal rights groups who expect that the protest by rural people will lose momentum and gradually wither away.


BJP misguided to political suicide


The BJP seems to be doing political calculation on the Jallikattu issue. They feel that if Jallikattu does not happen, the people’s anger will turn towards ADMK and BJP can cash in on this later. This is utter stupidity. The people have a soft corner for Ms Jayalalithaa as she was arrested and dethroned, and they are well aware that she is not in a position to do anything with regard to Jallikattu. So anger will be directed towards the BJP which is currently in power at the Center. The Dravidian parties will amplify this anger by pointing to the central government.


It will be political suicide for BJP in the south Tamil Nadu if Jallikattu does not happen. However, if BJP takes step to remove the ban and promotes Jallikattu in big way, it can establish a foothold in the southern Tamil Nadu, which is currently controlled by the Dravidian parties. It is pertinent that H. Raja of Tamil Nadu had issued statements that BJP will bring back Jallikattu. So people have high expectations of the BJP, and have been making arrangements to conduct Jallikattu at many places.


Keeping aside these political games, few seem aware of the severe consequences of this unjust ban on Jallikattu. If the Jallikattu is not conducted during the coming Pongal festival, it will trigger the mass sale of Jallikattu bulls by farmers as they start believing that this ban is forever. It need not be said that all bulls will end up in slaughter houses, but a large number of bulls were sold when the Supreme Court ban order came in May 2014. According to rough estimates, around 20 per cent of the bulls were sold after this ban; this is more than 1000 bulls across Tamil Nadu.


Jallikattu bulls are maintained at high cost by farmers, exclusively for the Jallikattu. There are no returns for the amount (and effort) spent in maintaining Jallikattu bulls. They are maintained because traditional society considers it a matter of pride to send bulls to the race. Jallikattu is conducted only once in a year in each place, and each farmer gets only few minutes for the bulls to participate in this event. Banning Jallikattu will destroy the incentive that traditional society has created for the up-keep of the bulls.


The beef mafia is salivating at this opportunity, as there is a premium price for the beef of Indian breeds (bos indicus) in the international market. Since Jallikattu bulls are maintained well with nutritious food, the quantity and quality of its flesh is superior to hybrid cows.


Jallikattu bulls are the last of the desi cattle breeds (bos indicus or zebu) in Tamil Nadu. In the past, there would be at least two to three commercial breeding bulls maintained by farmers in each village for reproduction. Artificial Insemination at cheaper rates by the government had destroyed the economic viability of these breeding bulls and led to drastic reduction in the population of uncastrated bulls across Tamil Nadu.


Earlier, whenever Jallikattu was sold, it would be bought for breeding purposes due to its superior quality. But the demand for breeding bulls fell due to artificial insemination and there is no other market for these male species which can match the rates offered by beef traders. Hence, any mass sale of these bulls, due to Jallikattu ban, by default will benefit the beef industry and lead to extinction of our desi cattle breeds, and the genetic diversity of our native cattle species will be lost forever. We would be forced to depend solely on the few hundred stud bulls maintained by government, which will lead to common fatherhood of all cattle across Tamil Nadu, degrading the genetic diversity.


Any loss of out native species is irreversible, and will severely affect future efforts to revive these desi cattle breeds. Already, many desi cattle breeds like ongole, hallikar, vechur are at the verge of extinction.


The government should recognise the utility of Jallikattu event as a self-sustaining model evolved by society for preservation and improvement of our desi cattle varieties and take steps to facilitate the exercise of Jallikattu, by removing the ban imposed on it.


Pongal Celebration will lose its charm without Jallikattu


Jallikattu, Manjuvirattu and related events are the lifeline of Pongal, without which it will lose its charm and liveliness. The soul of any society lies in its festivals and killing Jallikattu will kill traditional Tamil society itself. Can we imagine Europe without the FICA world cup or Halloween festival? Can we imagine Olympic Games without the grand celebrations with fireworks and dances?


Jallikattu is a Hindu Festival


Jallikattu is a Hindu religious festival, because all Jallikattu events are conducted as part of the temple event. In each event, all the temple bulls (called Koil Kalai) of surrounding temples are released in the arena after poojas are performed on them. These are bulls dedicated to the deities of respective temple (called divine bulls) and hence qualify for Nandi Pooja. The players in the arena worship these divine bulls and do not attempt to touch them. Even for private bulls, the owner takes it to the temple for pooja, before releasing it into the arena. So in every aspect, Jallikattu qualifies as a Hindu religious festival.


There is Puranic evidence in Bhagvata Puranam and Vishnu Puranam. Sathya Naganajiti was the daughter of Kosala king Nagnajit, who declared he would marry his daughter only to the brave prince who tamed his seven ferocious bulls. Sri Krishna accepted the challenge, tamed the seven bulls, and married Naganajiti; she is the sixth of the eight principal queen consorts of Sri Krishna. The government should recognise these facts and take steps to declare Jallikattu and other events conducted in temple premises as Hindu religious festival.


The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, enacted by the Nehruvian regime, gives rights to one community to kill cows and bulls as part of their religious rights. Yet now Hindus are being denied the right to use their own bulls for Jallikattu and other religious festivals. This is discriminatory and should be amended.


Cowardice and Fraud by PETA and animal rights mafia


The animal rights mafia had been persecuting Jallikattu for a decade. Unable to win legally, they resorted to lobbying and got lobbied Jairam Ramesh to amend the PCA act to include bulls in the list of Performing Animals in 2011. On this basis, the Supreme Court gave their harsh judgement. This is fraudulent because the definition of performing animals does not fit Jallikattu bulls. Jallikattu is not conducted for entertainment or commercial purpose. People spend their own money to organise these events as part of their temple festival. The definition of performing animals applies only to animals used in circus for entertainment purpose.


When laws can be modified to the whims and fancies of elite lobbies, what kind of justice is served?


After the Supreme Court ban order on Jallikattu in May 2014, this author asked one animal rights activist who was instrumental in the ban as to what steps she had taken to protect the bulls that would be sold because of the ban. She replied that it is not her responsibility to save those bulls, and the onus lay on the rural people! This is outright hypocrisy which needs to be exposed.


Bogus allegations


Animal rights activists are blindly parroting the argument of “bulls tortured in Jallikattu”, even after the accusations have been proved false. The fact that Jallikattu bulls are taken care of extravagantly all year round is deliberately ignored. When asked how come “mere five minutes of these bulls running through the arena” constitutes cruelty, they resort to stupid arguments like, “Even if it is for few minutes, it is cruelty”. When further cornered, “Are you going to send these bulls to slaughter just to avoid these few minutes of supposed cruelty?”, they become hysterical and claim, “the bulls will rest in peace forever, rather than undergoing torture in Jallikattu”.


The animal rights mafia could not answer many questions raised by Jallikattu supporters. When Jallikattu supporters demanded the registration number of the bulls that were allegedly tortured, they had no reply. Another fraud by the animal rights mafia is that they used old photographs (prior to 2008 events) while making their charges, and were caught red-handed when it was pointed out that after 2008 regulations all players were given uniforms, whereas the photos submitted by them had players without uniform! There are many such fraudulent practices by these mafias.


Jallikattu Bulls are NOT tortured


A normal bull has the capacity of pulling 2 to 4 tons of weight, depending on the breed and stature. After regulation of Jallikattu since 2008, just one person hangs on the hump of these bulls for few seconds. Since the weight of a person does not exceed 80 kg, hanging on to the hump for a few seconds cannot be construed as cruelty. All other accusations were removed by the regulation of the event by high court guidelines and the Tamil Nadu Regulation of Jallikattu Act. The fact that Jallikattu organisers accepted and welcomed these regulations (even though strict), prove that they intend no harm to the bulls.


Centre’s role


The people of Tamil Nadu had been under the sway of Dravidian parties for the past 60 years. Because of them, Jallikattu has been projected as distinct Tamil culture, and not as a Hindu religious festival, comparable with similar animal sports in other parts of the country. With the rise of the BJP at the center and both Dravidian parties weakened in the State, the Tamil people have realised that Jallikattu is a Hindu festival and are ready to accept this in public.


The central government can help to overcome the ban on Jallikattu by removing bulls from the list of performing animals, as bulls in Jallikattu are used only as part of temple festivals and not for commercial or entertainment purpose.


It can also declare Jallikattu, Manjuvirattu and all other events conducted in temples as a religious festival.


Moreover, PETA is a foreign funded organisation which has no locus standi on local festivals. Their supporters in India are urban elites who associate with PETA for varied reasons; neither has any experience in maintaining bull or cows.


But Jallikattu supporters are rooted in our tradition and fighting for their religious and cultural rights inherited from ancestors. They have unquestionable legitimate interests in the fight for preserving and promoting Jallikattu.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi should consider these facts and take appropriate steps to remove the ban on Jallikattu and save the native breeds and Tamil culture from becoming extinct.

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Tamil History and the christian arguments

The christian missionaries in tamilnadu had been building up a pseudo-history saying that christianity is older than Hinduism in tamilnadu.  The comment by Nora  in my earlier post on sanskrit – tamil relation is a classical example of their clever manipulation of our history.  He claims that christianity is much older than Hinduism.

I am reproducing his full comment as separate post for detailed discussion.

Hi Senthil / Vyas
In response to your doubts raised in Influence of Sanskrit over Tamil – breaking the Dravidian racism blog I would like you to draw your attention to the following.
Like I said earlier there is no point fighting with corrupted literatures rewritten 100 s of times before being intercepted today. Today Science have give much more powerful tools to sneak into the past. All you have to do is rationalise your thinking and objectively approach the problem rather than emotionally assuming things.
Being an Engineer by profession and having knowledge in palaeontology, Stratigraphy, Geology and interest in genetics, law and ancient history Iam putting forward my views. Expect you to review them objectively so that I can also improve upon my clarity. Looking forward for a good debate.

Genetic and archaeological perspectives on the initial modern human colonization of southern Asia by dept os archaeology, University of Cambridge, States that entire human race originated out of Africa . Old stone age excavation in South India Jwalapuram,AP and Fahien-lena in Sri Lanka dating 30,000 years BP(Before Present) show microliths resembling Africa. This clearly establish that people populated these places. So we have archaeological proof that early human settlement was there in South India.
Now we have the second problem which is are they different from people of north India. To answer this question I would like to present research paper co authored by non other than our own CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad , India “Genetic evidence for population mixture of India” in which it states that there are two distinct Gene pools namely ANI & ASI (Ancient South Indian) and both are not related. Also evidence of agriculture in North started 8000 years BP having strong correlation with agricultural methods of west Asia and in south 4600 BP and there is no correlation to west Asian agriculture, which again proves there was no relationship between these two groups till some 3000 years BP (108 generations before). So this proves that the cultural and social development in south India is independent of north.
The next logical question that arises is, was there a developing civilization or people just remained as hunter gatherers. Even if people remained as hunter gatherers they communicate and hence have a language. Best examples are the Andaman tribes. But the south civilization was much more than that and there developed trade relations too. The coins of Roman empire dating back to 27 BCE all along the coastal ports of south India is ample proof that people had trade relations. So without communication trade could not have taken place. If you analyse the Greek word for peacock was Toas which is derived from tamil word Thoai (Even today the same word is used in tamil). For further understanding please read “A comparative grammar on Dravidian languages Caldwell 1875”
Which will give you much more details of the root words and how many of tamil phonetics were borrowed by the so called sancrit . This clearly exhibit that there existed language, culture and social setup which is independent of northern influence.
We can further discuss how after 8th Century CE your so called varnams and vedic religion disorted the social, cutural and lingustic culture of entire south. The valankai / Edankai trouble of tamil, the Lingayath uprising of Kadambas etc. However before that please read “History of Travancore by Shungoony Menon 1878” who was the prime minister of Travancore has to say about the puranas.
Also Please note Christianity and Islam arrived in south India even before the arrival of Vedic Hinduism. So if you want to say Christianity and Islam are alien then please remember Vedic Hinduism is the last religion (Youngest) to arrive in southindia. However its propagation was faster because it propagated that headmen(chieftans) can actually purchase Heven(Mocha) by bribing Brahmins. No other religion in the world preached the same. Also fooling / Misguiding was not considered a sin, propagated selfishness among people and transfer of power by birthright was encouraged. Hence on the corridors of power they could do mass conversions. We can also have a full fledged debate on this too.

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In what language should we chant mantra in temples?

In what language should we do archanai in temples?  This has been one of the core issues raised by Dravidian Gangs and recently by Tamil Dhesiam Gangs.  The common argument put forth by these people is “Why should archanai be done in a language that is NOT understood by the devotees?”.

The Hindu intellectual groups in tamilnadu utterly failed in countering this question, and almost lost to dravidian propoganda.  Many Fake mutts originated claiming to propogate tamil worship in temples and have attempted tamil kumbabishegam in many vedic shiva & vishnu temples.  So far they have miserably failed, partly because, the dharma karthas who invited them faced severe consequences in their personal life.  And also partly because the brahmin priests doing agamic kumbabishekam were strong and popular.

Tamil worship is based on Christianity:

The demand for tamil worship in temples is based on the pretext that christian churches conduct their prayers in tamil language and hence hindu temples should also imitate them.  This is an absurd argument for following reasons.

1. Christian prayer in church is different from Mantra Chanting in hindu temples.  Prayer is NOT same as archanai.

2. Hindu temple is NOT same as church.  Temple is abode of GOD, whereas church is ONLY a congregating place.

3. In the church, the father prays on behalf of the assembled people, mostly begging things from their god.  So they have necessity to do prayer in

Whereas in Hindu Temples, pooja or archanai is done for maintaining divine energy in the garbagraha, and also in praise of GOD.  There is no begging as it is done in churches.

4. Hindu Temple pooja rituals have to adhere to strict agamic rules.  Whereas, Christian churches have no such standards, except for the standardised bible.

5. Mantra chanting is Just one part of the elaborate pooja rituals in hindu temples.  Other preparatory rituals are more important than mantra chanting.  for eg, there are strict rules on the materials used for pooja, series of steps done, abhishekam process etc.  So if we are to follow those pooja rituals strictly, then common sense tells that mantra chanting also should be followed strictly, as per prescribed agama rules.

Christian churches do not have such necessity.

6. The main focus of christianity is to keep their flock together.  So they have the necessity to speak in a language that has to be understood by the assembled people.  Whereas the main focus of hindu temple poojas is to maintain the sanctity of the temple, irrespective of number of people attending it.  Thats why we focus on lighting deepam in temple and NOT in organising prasangam there for people.

7.  Temple poojas are / have to be done even if no people attends it.  The priests simply performs the pooja, chanting mantras.  Whereas in christian churches, the father do not do conduct mass prayer if there is no people attending there.

8.  Our temple pooja rituals are time oriented, based on planetory positions (nakshatra, thithi etc) and has to be done at specific time, as evolved in that temple tradition.  Whereas christian churches have no such necessity.

Namavali archanai is nothing but Christianisation of Hindu Temples:

Our temple poojas are always focussed on common good, and NOT for individual appeasement.  The king funds the resources for the temple, in order to maintain the divinity in his rajyam.  But during colonial rule, the kings were disposed off by the britishers and hence lost the support system.   So in order to sustain itself, the temple is left to whims and fancies of the donors from public, and hence the namavali archanai evolved in order to please them.   This is moulded on the pattern of christian fathers doing private services to his church member.   Brutal degradation of our temple poojas.

Just like this namavali archanai, every aspect of our temples are christianised.  Like opening temple to everyone irrespective of whether the person is a scoundrel or criminal. Allowing any one to manage it.  and the latest demands of allowing anyone one to enter garba graha and perform pooja.  All based on christian practices in churches.

No Hindu Intellectuals or Hindu Organisations attempted to counter this, due to lack of understanding of purposes of temples and poojas.  They have been effectively incapacitated and immobilised.  They remain defeated even till this date, while the scoundrels had been running a free hand devastating each of our temples.

Hinduism and Hindutva made a self-goal:

I have been saying that the formation of Hinduism as a religion is the single most blow to our dharma.  We were never a religious society, but the colonial forces had theorized the diverse cultures of our land in to homogenous religious identity called Hinduism similar to that of christianity.  Temples were brought under this religious compartmentalization, effectively leading to its christianisation.

Temples which were seen as abode of GOD, had now been converted in to a religious place.  Which means, all aspects of christianity is imposed triggering the corruption from within.

The arguments of Tamil Chauvinist gangs were always based on this universalisation of temples done by Hinduism.  Their argument was that people are able to worship GOD in tamil in christian churches, but Hinduism does not allow.

Just Look at the argument built on this artificial compartmentalisation called Hinduism.

What is the solution?

So how do we counter the tamil worship propoganda?  Should we allow tamil worship in all temples as they are demanding?  If NOT, how do we justify our stance of NOT allowing?  For that, we need to ask a counter question.

For whom are the mantras chanted in temples?  Is it for GOD or is it for people coming to temple?  If it is for GOD, then there should be no issue for anyone, because GOD understands sanskrit :) .  I bet, No communist or dravidian crooks could reply to this.

Another argument we can make is that sanskrit is used ONLY in agamic temples, and in all kula devata temples and grama devata temples, tamil is the medium of worship.  We have to remember that Temple is NOT homogenous entity.  The tamil groups should be satisfied with this and have no business in interfering with agamic temples.

Freedom of Bhakthas (Devotees):

The dravidian and tamil groups (backed by communists) make another argument.  The people are prevented from praying in their own language.  That is outright bullshit lie.

The devotees has every right to personally pray in any language of his choice in the temples.  They can sing devarams, thiruvasagam inside the temples.  The archaka’s role is only in doing pooja as laid out in agama tradition.  That cannot be stopped or disturbed.

How does the people receive benefit?  By merely chanting or by pooja rituals?

There is a wrong perspective and impression, that people will get benefit only if they go inside temple and pray in their language they understand.  This is again a christian attitude. In the church, everyone prays to GOD for wanting of something. (Its questionable whether they get what they prayed or not).

But are temples meant for extracting personal benefit?  NO.

Temples are abode of GOD.  which means, its a place where the divine energy of a region is amplified by adhering to strict agama based pooja rituals.  Here, people derive benefit NOT by personal prayer, but by maintenance of sanctity of the temples.  Whether they pray or not, they always derive the outcome of the elaborate pooja done by the archaka.  SO it should never matter, whether the pooja is done in sanskrit or tamil.  The outcome is more important.

I would like to refer this interesting discussion in tamil brahmin forum regarding tamil worship.

They failed to strongly put forth the point that “Mantras are for GOD and NOT for devotees”.

Time To Dechristianise our temples

The first step towards de-christianisation of temples is to stop going to temple for personal prayers.  Rather, focus on maintaining the sanctity of the temples.  Stop the practice of giving names to archakas for namavali archanai.  That is plain stupid thing.  This is the most corrupt practice under the influence of christianity.

Focus on the quality of pooja material used in temples, right from milk, sandal, ghee, oil etc.  These are the ways we strive to maintain the sanctity of the temple.

Dont rush in to the temples for seeing garba graha.  Moolavar is NOT museum for everyone to see.  Its enough if we just land in to the temple premises.  GOD is NOT some dictator to give boons ONLY if you stand before him.

Similarly, the practice of showing arati and offering vibhooti (or kumkum) at any time of the day is an evil practice. This makes the ARCHAKA a slave. The usual time for prayer is the agama stipulated 6 kala pooja and all devotees should be present at one of such poojas. Now, the HR & CE has almost made it mandatory for all the devotees to be served prasadam at anytime they chooseto walk in.

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Sharmalan Thevar – Blogger with excellent insights

I came across this blogger recently.  He seems to be based out of malaysia.   Most of his views are almost correct (validated from my own understanding.. not just bcoz he reflects my views.. but based on his own way of analysis)  ..  I am learning a lot from his blog..

Readers can benefit more from his blog.


Some articles that i wanted to highlight.

he has correctly decoded tamil jathi setup.. but he is unable to connect jathi-varna link..




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Inter Caste Marriage is a rape of society

How do we define the concept of Chastity?  Is it mere physical, or mental state or combination of both?  Its a delicate & sensitive subject to explore.  The common known explanation of chastity is to NOT indulge in sexual activity outside marriage setup. It cannot be empirically defined or proved.  Its a value system that exists in mental plane and upon which the bodily life is lived. Its a question of mental resolve on how to live a moral life, that nurtures our soul and body.   It ensures the psychological integrity of a girl both before and after marriage.

Chastity leads to another aspect called legitimacy which is the basis of Family system.   How do we define legitimacy?  Its an acceptance of norms established either by authority or inherited by history & tradition.  In Most societies, sex within marriage is the established norms which gives legitimacy to the children born out of family system.

Any children born outside this family system are illegitimate, because there is no sanctity of this birth, and becomes ambiguous?  If a woman indulges in sex before marriage, how does the society knows for whom does the child is born?

The feminist morons will cry “Why are ONLY woman expected to be chaste, and why NOT men”.  The answer is very simple.  It is the women who begets the child, and hence expected to be chaste to ensure the legitimacy of the father of that child.   The society cannot recognise the father of a child born to Sluts and whores.  Ok. This is off-topic.

Just like chastity represents a set of value system of individuals, there are set of value system that are followed by the society as a whole.  In Bharathiya society, each jathi has their own set of rules and regulations that form the moral compass of the jathi collectively. These set of codes are nothing but the acharams and the sampradayas of that jathi.  Acharams ensure the individual commitment of each person within the jathi, and the sampradayas ensure a collective moral system of that jathi.  I call this as the Chastity of that jathi.

In every jathi, there is legitimate system of marriage norms that has been followed for millenia.  Unlike the western society which is mostly tribal, bharathiya society is highly structured and self-organised around jathis.  We have unique system of Kula-Gothras, which is not found outside bharath.  People in each gothra are descendants of common ancestor, and are brothers and sisters.  Within each jathi, there are group of gothras, that constitutes the Kulam.  I will write more on this aspect in future.

In such jathi setup, marriage alliance is made ONLY within those set of gothras. (The readers can just ask their elders on which all gothras their forefathers married.)  Any marriage outside these setup of gothras is shunned and vehemantly opposed.  Just like family system defines legitimacy of a couple, these strict marital norms of each jathi defines its legitimacy.   That is why, almost all jathis dont accept inter-caste marriage, inspite of all the nonsensical malicious propogandas by the liberal-communist propoganda and other secret anti-national forces.

But most of the hindus are unable to comprehend this dharmic truth, and often fall prey to the vicious anti-caste propoganda.

Why is Inter-Caste marriage wrong?

If i ask “Why is sex outside marriage wrong”, what will be your answer?  There can be lot of justifications for both for and against extra-marital sex.  But the society at large had preserved the sanctity of the marriage.

In the same way, we need to recognise the sanctity of the jathi setups, which has been the foundation of our dharmic civilization of bharath.  When almost all jathis of bharath do not want to have marital relations with other jathis (even dalit jathis dont want this), why should they be forced upon by the govt and other ?  

Such kind of forcing is nothing but rape of our society.

We cannot allow a micro-minority of perverted individuals to dictate morality for 100 crore people.

What happens in Inter-Caste marriage?

Again i will answer with this simple question.  What happens to a raped / molested girl ? While we cannot imagine the trauma they undergo, i can say the kind of stress and trauma that a family undergoes when intercaste marriage happens is more or less similar to a rape/molested girl.  Some symptoms are:

1. Sense of Loss of Legitimacy.  –  By ending up in a situation of breaking millenia old jathi norms, the family members feel enormous loss of legitimacy.  This is one of the reason why many parents commit suicide when their children do inter-caste marriage.

2. Sense of Isolation – Unable to freely move with their jathi members.  Unable to participate in any maangalya functions in their relationship circles.

3. Loss of social respect – unable to take leadership in community gatherings.  If the family had already held any community leadership roles like dharmakarthas or conflict resolution (jathi panchayat), they choose to step down due to moral conflict.

4. Loss of purpose of Life – Most parents earn and run their family only for propogation of their vamsam and prosperity of their gothra & kulam.  With inter-caste marriage, this very fundamental purpose of life itself is lost

5. Loss of self-confidence – self explanatory

6. Loss of Social Security  – self explanatory 

All these emotions can be easily understood by a normal unbiased person.  NOT by the ideologically warped minds.

The most important casuality in inter-caste marriage is LOSS of sense of belonging.  and this is exactly what the enemies of our society wants.

I have seen few of my friends whose parents are from different jathi, having an identity crisis.

One prominent business person in south TN, who had married a malayali, now desperate to marry off his daughter to his parent jathi. He had earned enormous wealth, but could not earn the social recognition, eventhough he has good status in the CLASS based urban society.

Every jathi is a world in itself, like every family is a world in itself.  A person is strongly bonded to his kiths & kin, where he feels comfortable.

Biological angle:

From a biological perspective, every living being on this planet nurtures and promotes ONLY its own offspring.  The lions dont accept the cubs of the lioness born to other lion.  No Man in this world can accept the children of his wife born to another man.  These are the hard realities of nature.

Every jathi is made up of birth based relations.  They cannot be asked to accept an unrelated person in to its fold in the name of marriage.  Forcing them to accept is nothing but a rape.

What about those inter-caste married families:

A lot of persons in urban centers had done inter-caste marriages, and i dont have any issues with them.  Beextrecause they live their own life without interfering in others NOR do they take any ideological stance like destroy jathi.   I have spoken to few of them, and they are very clear that its up to individuals to decide on this.  We have to respect their sensitivities.  They have never been problem, even though many of them have been facing many problems for lack of social support.  They realise the value of jathi based social support system.

The problem is with the anti-social forces in various ideological leanings like communists, liberals, Dravidar Kalagam and hindutva groups, who openly call for destruction.

Jathis are immobilised and raped:

For all these years, the attack on jathi is always external.  The economy & occupation of each jathi was systematically destroyed, and native administration system which supported jathi was dismantled.  Having immobilised jathis to some extent, the anti-national forces has now started keeping their hands on the women folks of each jathi, in the name of women empowerment.  No self-respecting social group can accept this.

This is the reason when the entire society erupted in violence in dharmapuri.  People from almost all jathi protested against the death of the vanniyar father whose daughter was seduced by a member of particular dalit party.  (But almost all media had suppressed this news).   But these protests were brutally suppressed.

This dalit love jihad has been going on for last 10 years on rapid scale.  Many wealthy business families were systematically targetted by these dalit political outfits.  As per some estimate, more than 10,000 girls were affected because of their activities all over tamilnadu.  While big jathis like vanniyars could fight back, the weaker and minority jathis like brahmins, chettiyars, and other jathis could not do anything and silently bear these rapacious abuses on them.

Its time to raise against these brutal rape of our society by hostile forces.  Those who want to protect the legitimacy of their jathi and their traditions, should come out openly and become assertive in their jathi identity.   How long are we going to be silent bearer of all these abuses?

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